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Mi-26t Refueler Helicopter

The Tanker Refueler version of the Mi-26t is used to transport large amounts of fuel and to carry out refuelling operations in remote areas or where conditions make it difficult to set up mobile refuelling stations.

Additionally, aviation fuel carried on the Tanker, can be used in place of extra fuel tanks to increase the helicopter's own ferrying range.

The Tanker refueller on the base of the MI-26t helicopter is intended for :

  • operative delivery of fuel (aviation kerozone and diesel fuel) and lubricants;
  • autonomous aircraft fuelling and land transport equipment

Time necessary for converstion from refueling equipment version : 1h. 25 min.

From transport version to refueling equipment version : 1h. 25 min.

Performance :

Performance with refuel equipment of MI-26t in conformity with performance of standard MI-26t
  Capacity of transported fuel-
Transported fuel aviation kerosene-
Transported lubricants (52 tanksof 20 liters each)-
14.040 l
T-2, TS-1, RT
DL, DZ, DA grades

1.040 l
Fuel distribution rate with pressure from pump (3.8-4.0 kgf/cm2) on each hose :
  with 4 hoses of aviation fuel-
with 10 hoses of diesel fuel-
up to 300 l/min
50 to 150 l/min
Fineness of filtration of distributed fuel :
5 μm
12 to 16 μm
Time of deployment for distribution to consumers :
  aviation fuel-
diesel fuel-
10 min.
15 min.
Time for stowage :
  aviation fuel refueling equipement-
diesel fuel refueling equipement-
15 min.
25 min.

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