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Mi-26t Transport Helicopter
The Mi-26t is the world's largest heavy-lift helicopter. It is capable of lifting large size cargo items weighing up to 20 tons, either inside the cargo compartment or on an external sling. A combined internal and external load configuration is also permissible, providing the total load does not exceed 20 tons.

The helicopter can be widely employed at construction sites, airlifting and mounting heavy industrial equipment, drilling rigs, electric power line installations, bridge construction, logging operations and other complex civil engineering operations as well as on fire-fighting duties.

High placement accuracy of external loads is achieved using the special front and rear auxiliary cabins.

A clearance control system is available for handling items of large volume during loading.

The helicopter is provided with engine starting facilities using internal power, special ladders are not required as both engine and gearbox cowling, when in open position, serve as maintenance platforms.

The APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) provides ground power for internal engine starting, electrical and hydraulic systems together with air conditioning of the flight crew compartment.

The flight crew compartement is pressurised and affords excellent visibility, with a well laid out, integrated flight/navigation system that meets with modern requirements.

The Mi-26t can fly day or night in good and bad weather conditions.

Here is the portal videos and photos of the Mi-26T.


Basic specifications :

Take-off weight : normal-
49.6 t
56.0 t
109.350 lbs
123.457 lbs
Empty weight :   28.2 t 62.170 lbs
Load-carrying capacity : in cargo compartment -
on an external sling -
20.0 t
20.0 t
44.090 lbs
44.090 lbs
Cargo compartment dimensions:   12.1x3.2x3.1 m 39.7x10.5x10.2 ft
Cruising speed per hour :   255 km 158 miles
Ceiling under ISA conditions : hovering OGE (minimum) -
service (minimum) -
1.800 m
4.600 m
5.900 ft
15.100 ft
Range : with maximum fuel load (without extra tanks)
with maximum full load (with four extra tanks)
800 km
1.920 km
497 miles
1.190 miles
Diameter of Main Rotor :   32.0 m 105 ft
Number of blades :   8  
Crew :   5  

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