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Mi-26t Firefighter Helicopter

Fighting at the centre of fires, the firefighter MI-26t complex with VSU-15 water discharging device on the external sling is designed for :

  • extinguishing and localization of fires in tundra, steppe, forest-steppe, forest and mountain regions;
  • extinguishing and localization of industrial and domestec fires;
  • delivery to remote and difficult of access regions to fire sites of mobile fire fighting service stations, wheeled and non-wheeled vehicules as well as paratroopers of fire fighting services.

VSU-15 water discharging device on the external sling allows to perform intake of water, intended for fire fighting, in hovering mode from any kind of water reservoirs ,including shallow ones.

Control of water intake and discharge is performed from the operator's remote control. When necessary the VSU-15 water discharging device can be quickly disconnected and the helicopter can be used for transportation of personnel and equipment.

Helicopter fire fighting complex includes :

  • VSU-15 water discharging device;
  • External sling providing transportation of VSU-15 and control of water intake and discharge;
  • Sattelite navigation system;
  • Thermal vision unit;
  • Radio for communication of the crew with ground fire-brigades;
  • System of chemical admixtures dosage.

Performance :
Performance of MI-26t helicopter with VSU-15 corresponds to performance of the basic MI-26t helicopter

Regulated volume of the supplied water : 7; 8; 9; 10; 12,5; 13,5 m3
Maximum volume of VSU : 15,0 m3
Regulated volume of VSU : 7; 8; 9; 10; 12,5; 13,5 m3
Length of slings : 6.500 mm
Height of tank : 3.000 mm
Diameter of discharging cylinder : 3.100 mm
Time of water intake, 15 m3 (not more than) : 10 sec
Rate of water discharge : 1,0 m/s
Weight of VSU-15 : 250 kg
Speed of helicopter flight when discharging water : 0 to 120 km/h
Speed of flight with VSU-15 tank with water : up to 180 km/h
Speed of flight with VSU-15 tank without water : 200 km/h
Flight altitude when fire extinguishing from VSU : from 20 to 60 m

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